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AID Fuel Oils Group AdBlue

The Midlands leading provider of AdBlue


AID Fuel Oils Group are a nationwide leading supplier of AdBlue to the commercial and agricultural industries. We are able to provide a reliable and cost effective solution to keep your diesel vehicles on the road.  

AdBlue is an advanced exhaust fluid designed to improve the environmental efficiency of diesel engines. This solution allows modern diesel engines to conform to the increasingly stringent Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI emission standards.

AdBlue is a colourless solution made from pure urea that is injected into exhaust system which removes the polluting nitrogen oxides. When AdBlue is injected into the stream of hot exhaust gases in the SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction), the harmful gases are broken down into pure nitrogen and water vapour. These clean gases are then expelled through the exhaust pipe. 

Whether you require AdBlue or AdBlue accessories, Our experienced customer advisors are on hand to help with your every requirement.



 /media/pages/library/20l-adblue-mockup-copy.jpg  AdBlue Tank for easy distribution