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AdBlue Accessories


For your every AdBlue need.


As demand for AdBlue increases with each addition to the Euro Standard Regulations, it becomes more important for you to receive a quality AdBlue package to keep your vehicles on the road. AID Fuel Oils Group offer a complete range of AdBlue accessories that have been specially designed to take the stress out of storing and dispensing AdBlue.

From tanks to pumps, we can a tailor an AdBlue solution to suit your exact needs.

AdBlue Storage Tanks


AID Fuel Oils Group AdBlue tank for easy dispensing

Our AdBlue storage tanks and dispenser units are perfect for installing on your premises for a fast and efficient AdBlue service. We can help advise you every step of the way to help you choose an ideal sized storage tank for your building and vehicle fleet size. 

Having an on-site AdBlue tank is an ideal solution for many firms, offering access to bulk AdBlue deliveries so you can save over buying at the forecourt or in stores.


AdBlue Pumps


Whether you are dispensing AdBlue from small containers, drums or a 1000 litre IBC, we have an AdBlue pump to suit all applications.

We offer:

  • AdBlue lever hand pumps
  • AdBlue lever IBC pump Kits
  • Rotary IBC pump kit for AdBlue
  • 12v AdBlue IBC powered pump kit
  • AdBlue gravity feed kits

AID Fuel Oils Group AdBlue Tank IBC with pump system for easy dispensing


AdBlue Nozzles & Hoses


AdBlue Nozzle from AID Fuel Oils Group for easy dispensing

We offer cost effective nozzles and hoses specially suited for dispensing AdBlue in a range of sizes. 

We can provide:

  • Manual AdBlue Nozzles
  • 4m and 6m AdBlue hoses


For our complete range of AdBlue and AdBlue accessories,

visit AID Lubricants or call us on 01543 506 117