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AdBlue Direct Supply Scheme

AdBlue Loan Tank



With AdBlue® now a legal requirement for all new Euro 5 and 6 vehicles, fuelling and maintaining a large diesel fleet can prove costly. The AdBlue Direct Supply Scheme with AID Fuel Oils Group completely removes the hassle out of vehicle management. You'll never have to worry about your AdBlue® ever again!


what does it involve?



The Direct Supply Scheme gives you a free AdBlue® Loan Tank for your business with an integrated telematics package. Once your AdBlue® level drops below a specified level we will organise a delivery to top your tank up - it's that simple!





Solutions are tailored to your required length of tank loan and size/frequency of delivery required, in order to provide the most effective agreement for your business. Tank sizes vary from 1300L to 8050L in order to accommodate your ideal usage.



For more information on AdBlue® and AdBlue® accessories contact our knowledgable advisors on 01543 506 117