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AID Fuel Oils Group AdBlue

The Midlands leading AdBlue supplier

AdBlue IBC from AID Fuel Oils Group    

What is aDBlue?


AdBlue is an advanced exhaust fluid designed to improve the environmental efficiency of diesel vehicles. Made from 32.5% urea and 67.5% demineralised water, AdBlue reacts with and neutralises harmful nitrogen oxides produced by the diesel combustion process. With the aid of SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction), nitrogen oxides are broken down to produce nitrogen and pure water. This allows modern diesel engines to conform to the Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI emission standards.

         AdBlue Logo from AID Fuel Oils Group

  • 10 litre containers
  • 200 litre barrel
  • 1000 litre IBC
  • Bulk delivery
  • On-site pump

Reliable AdBlue Deliveries


AID Fuel Oils Group are the Midlands leading supplier of AdBlue to the commercial and agricultural industries. We provide a reliable and cost effective solution to keep your diesel vehicles on the road. We can supply AdBlue in range of sizes to suit all applications. Whether you need a 200 litre barrel or a bulk delivery, we can tailor a solution to suit your exact needs.

We understand the importance of quality, that's why our AdBlue is produced to the latest standards in order to protect your vehicles. Using low-quality AdBlue could damage the SCR-catalyst which could result in reduced engine efficiency or even cause a complete engine shutdown. Our AdBlue is produced according to the ISO 22241 standards with certificates of conformity to show traceability. 

The Stress-Free AdBlue Solution

To reduce the stress out of your fleet management, we also operate our AdBlue Direct Supply Scheme. With this scheme, you are provided with competitively priced AdBlue, a free AdBlue tank for your property and an included telematics package. As soon as your AdBlue level drops below a specified level, we will organise a delivery to top you up. You will never have to worry about your AdBlue ever again!


Our experienced customer advisors are on hand to help with your AdBlue requirements and find the most cost effective way for you to purchase your AdBlue for your company vehicles.

For a competitive AdBlue quote please call us on 01543 506 117.