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Fuel Specialists

The Fuel Specialists

FUEL to Keeping your business moving


       Fuel Oils from AID Yard Pumps

AID Fuel Oils Group offers a complete refuelling solution for the commercial sector. With 45 years experience in supplying the engineering, construction, haulage, agricultural and mechanical industries, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep your business on the road.

Whether you require a bulk fuel delivery or want convenient access to our local refuelling station, we have you covered. We supply competitively priced Diesel and Gas Oil to fuel your commercial vehicles and machinery without sacrificing quality. 

We understand that an efficient refuelling service is an essential component to your business growth, that's why our priority is to keep you moving so you can minimise downtime and keep productivity levels high.

No refuelling request is too great, so no matter if you require a bulk fuel delivery to your commercial property or need an emergency barrel of fuel dropping off at a construction site, we can help.


 AID Fuel Oils Group Yard Card for Filling at Huntington        Refuelling with diesel at AID Fuel Oils Group pumps with fuel card

AID Fuel Oils Card

Our Fuel Products


 Refuelling tank in one of the AID Fuel Oils Group's range of fuel storage tanks        Fuel cards from AID Fuel Oil Cards, Shell Fleet, Shell CRT, EuroShell, Fastfuels, Key Fuels, UK Fuels, Texaco, Esso with site locator from AID Fuel Oils Group

Fuel Tanks

Fuel Cards