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AID Fuel Oils Card


The perfect fuel card for local businesses



AID Fuel Oils Group Yard Card for refuelling with diesel, white diesel or derv in Huntington


The AID Fuel Oils Card


The AID Fuel Oils Card is the perfect solution for local businesses who a want an easy, cost effective and secure way of refilling company vehicles.

Offering access to AID Fuel Oils Group's refuelling station, known to us as 'The Yard', the AID Fuel Oils Card allows you to fill up company vehicles with Diesel and containers with Gas Oil (commonly known as Red Diesel), Premium ParaffinKerosene and AdBlue

We listened to businesses around the Cannock, Wolverhampton and Stafford areas who wanted a more efficient way to fill up. By opening up our fuel pumps exclusively to AID Fuel Oils Card holders, we can provide local businesses a convenient way of refilling company vehicles and machinery.

With free AID Fuel Oils cards for all drivers, transactions on a single invoice and easy payment terms, an AID Fuel Oils account offers a stress free way to manage your fuel expenditure. No more worrying about distributing company credit cards or using petty cash. Since we also use high speed pumps and have no overhead canopies, it's perfectly suited for larger vehicles such as HGV's and coaches. 

The best part? By only allowing access to company vehicles, your benefit from no waiting times. Theres no more time wasted at forecourts, simply pull on and fill up.

With an AID Fuel Oils card, you benefit from: 

  • Unlimited, free cards for your drivers
  • Easy invoicing terms
  • No transaction charges
  • HGV Access
  • PIN Security
  • Filling up with all on-site fuels
  • No annual fees
  • Weekly price notifications


Apply for an AID fuel oils Card for yard refuelling with diesel, white diesel or derv in Huntington 

Or call us on 01543 506 117