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Our Fuels


The commercial bulk fuel specialists


From a quality local service to national coverage, AID Fuel Oils Group provides a complete commercial fuels solution to keep your business moving. We are able to supply our fuels in bulk by our own fleet of tankers to businesses within our delivery radius, nationwide with our barrel delivery service and via our onsite fuel pumps.

We are able to provide the following fuels: 

Road Diesel / White Diesel


Road Diesel/White Diesel for road use, derv, commercial diesel

We can supply your business with Commercial Road Diesel (also known as Derv, White Diesel or ULSD) in bulk quantities.

Our Road Diesel is suitable for use in all road vehicles that are powered by diesel engines.

We can supply Road Diesel in quantities of 500 litres to 37,000 litres.



Gas Oil / Red Diesel


AID Fuel Oils Group Red diesel for agriculture and farming vehicles



For the construction, commercial, industrial, agricultural and rail industries, we are able to supply bulk quantities of Gas Oil (also known as Red Diesel). Gas Oil is used exclusively in off-highway, plant, and agricultural engines only, as it is illegal to fill up road vehicles with.

While Gas Oil has identical functionality to normal Diesel, it is marked with a red dye to prevent it being used in road vehicles. 

We can supply Gas Oil in quantities of 500 litres to 37,000 litres.

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To view our Gas Oil data sheet click here.



Premium Paraffin





We are able to supply your business with Premium Paraffin, a low sulphur Kerosene based product, to be used as liquid fuel for a wide range of applications. It is compatible with all known paraffin heaters. It is a clean burning oil that is commonly used for:

  • Room, garage and greenhouse heaters

  • Weed killers and flame throwers

  • Car and motorcycle part cleaning

We can supply Premium Paraffin in quantities of 500 litres to 37,000 litres.


To view our Premium Paraffin data sheet click here.  


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