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Local Village Buying Club

AID Local Village Oil Buying Club

Bringing savings to our local community


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AID Fuel Oils Group are proud to support our local community. To help us give back, we created our Local Village Buying Club to help home owners save on their heating oil. By pooling orders together in order to reduce our delivery costs, we can provide Buying Club members discounts on their home heating oil prices.

Our Buying Club members can enjoy multiple benefits such as:

How Does The Buying Club Work?

Rather than simply sending heating oil deliveries straight away, we group multiple orders from similar areas together and deliver on a nominated day. This gives Buying Club members the opportunity to save since we are reducing the distance our trucks have to travel. This not only helps to cut costs, but it also means we are doing our bit for the environment since our tankers are spending less time on the road.

Once a month we email all members with our exclusive Buying Club prices. If you need a heating oil delivery, simply let us know by phone or email quoting you are a Buying Club member. We'll then be in touch once all the orders have been pooled to let you know your delivery date. It's that easy!

The best part?

Its completely free. There's no joining or subscription fees for you to pay.


How Do I Know If I'm Eligible To Join The Buying Club?

If you know someone who is already in our Buying Club, there is a good chance you are eligible to join and take advantage of our fantastic savings. To find out if our Buying Club is happening in your area, call us on 01543 506 117 or fill in the following form:

Join the AID Fuel oils group local village oil buying club for reduced heating oil prices

If you and a few of your neighbours who also use heating oil are interested in joining our Buying Club just give us a call and we may extend it to your area.