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Smart Alert

AID Remote Tank Monitoring Service

The stress free way to monitor your home heating oil


       AID Fuel Oils group bunded tank for fuel oil storage with smart alert for redelivery when fuel runs low       

Smart Alert gives you the peace of mind knowing that your heating oil level is being looked after by us. As soon as your tank drops below a specified level, we will schedule a heating oil delivery.

You can sit back, drop the heating on and not worry about a thing. 


It couldn't be easier to monitor your heating oil

To utilise the Smart Alert service we fit a small ultrasonic transmitter unit to the top of your oil storage tank. Once this is installed, we then plug in a small module into your broadband modem. This just lets us see how much heating oil is in your tank.

You're then good to go! 

Continue to use your heating oil as normal and we'll monitor your heating oil storage levels. We'll be in touch as soon as you need a top up to let you know a delivery has been scheduled.


Benefits of the Smart Alert System

  • Never run out of heating oil again
  • Avoid expensive heating engineer visits
  • Automatic delivery scheduling
  • Priority deliveries during the colder winter months
  • Payment by Direct Debit
  • Competitive heating oil prices
  • No lengthy contracts


What does Smart Alert cost?

Smart Alert operates on a quarterly subscription fee of £10.80 per quarter. This is for a minimum of a year.

The installation and maintenance for Smart Alert is completely free of charge.


AID Fuel Oils Group ask about smart alert to never run out of home heating oil

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