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Greases engineered to keep your business moving


AID Lubricants grease for industrial machineryAID Fuel Oils Group can provide a range of solutions to prevent your business from grinding to a halt. All of our grease products, no matter if they are mineral or synthetic oil based, are specially engineered to provide exceptional performance in all conditions required in modern automotive, industrial and off-highway equipment. 

By listening to our customers, we knew only the best greases would suffice. That's why all of our greases are accredited to ISO 9001 quality standard and one of the first lubricant manufacturers to achieve ISO 14001 environmental standards.

We can prolong the life of your equipment, reduce maintenance costs and service downtime to maintain overall productivity. It's simple, if your equipment is working to its full capability for longer, you can keep workplace efficiency levels high. Our high technology greases have been developed to last longer and offer extended protection. We understand that equipment productivity is important to all businesses, that's why we offer high quality greases that stay exactly where they are needed in the harshest industrial conditions.

With our greases, you can benefit from:


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