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More than just oil


AID Lubricants Store Q8 lubricant splashAs an authorised distributor of Q8Oils, AID Fuel Oils Group understand the importance of using a quality lubricant.


The increased resources for the outlay and maintenance of modern environmentally friendly machinery means it's important to select the most appropriate commercial lubricant oils. With a comprehensive range of over 1000 grades of lubricant, Q8Oils are one of the most complete suppliers of lubricants and petroleum based products in the industry.

Our close partnership allows AID Fuel Oils Group to offer a range of premium branded products of the highest possible quality. These products have been produced to the very latest manufacturer specifications required for the most demanding applications. Whether you require Low SAPS Euro IV and Euro V commercial engine oils or fuel-efficient transmission oils, we guarantee a lubricant to ensure the longevity of your engines and machinery. 

Our online shopping platform allows you to browse and purchase over 400 products for next day delivery to keep your business moving. 

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