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Get Ready For Winter

Get Ready For Winter

Get Ready For Winter

Winter Preparations

With winter weather and cold frosts upon us, it's time to take a few simple steps to ensure your home, vehicle and business are prepared to deal with the harsh conditions forecast. 

1. FLU JAB - For those who are young, elderly or suffer with long term illness, flu jabs are free on the NHS and can help to minimise the symptoms of flu and the risk of developing further serious complications. 

2. REGULATE TEMPERATURE - Cold temperatures can prove a risk to your general health with temperatures less than 18°c causing blood to thicken, higher blood pressure and an increased risk of contracting chest infections. To maintain a constant temperature it is essential to order your home heating oil in plenty of time to reduce the risk of a run out and consequently a cold home. 

3. KEEP THE ESSENTIALS IN - Keeping a loaf of bread and a pint of milk in the freezer and tinned foods in the store cupboard, will make certain that even when you cannot leave the house, you have enough food to survive. 

4. TOP UP ANTIFREEZE - Ensure your vehicle is in top condition by replacing fluids including antifreeze, engine oils and brake fluid, ensuring your vehicle is ready to face the elements. Visit AID Lubricants to order your lubricants online. 

5. EMERGENCY WINTER KIT - Put together a package to keep in your car including an ice scraper, blanket, sunglasses, torch, a cereal bar and shovel. These should all come in useful if you become stranded in poor conditions.

6. COMMUTING CONTINGENCY - In the result of heavy snow or severe conditions, it's important to have a back up plan for your route home. 

7. MINIMUM WORKING TEMPERATURES - Your employer has a legal obligation to provide a reasonable working temperature of at least 16°c to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of staff. 



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