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Importance of Warmth

Importance of Warmth

Importance of Warmth

Importance of keeping your home warm

With the recent cold snap showing no signs of leaving, every homeowner should be mindful regarding their home heating not only for keeping themselves warm - but the benefits to property. 

It is essential to keep your home and between 8-18c during the winter as a drop in temperature can lead to high risk health issues - especially those aged over 65, pregnant women, infants, young children and those with long term illness. Even in a healthy person, a colder temperature can suppress the immune system. 

If the temperature does drop below 8c, the above people are at increased risk of: 

The cold can also worsen the symptoms of those with depression and dementia. 

It is generally recommended to leave your heating on low during the winter when you are not in to ensure your property doesn’t suffer weather related damage. A warm home is less likely to suffer from damp issues - which can cause breaking problems and structural complications. 

There are a number of things you can do to ensure your home stays warm during the rest of the winter, including: 

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