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New To Heating Oil?

New To Heating Oil?

New To Heating Oil?

Tips for new to heating oil

With over 48 years of experience in the reliable provision of heating oil to homes and businesses across the region, we can provide invaluable advice about your heating oil and central heating system. Whether you have just moved into an oil heated property or considering moving to oil heating, we have a few useful tips.



Most domestic properties use Kerosene to fuel their heating system, with a rare few using Gas Oil. It is recommended that those who want a cleaner, more efficient burn or using an oil fuelled AGA, use Kerosene Plus - a premium fuel designed to keep your system in the best condition for a more efficient system and lowered maintenance. 


What Do I Need To Know To Place An Order?


When Is The Best Time To Order?

Summer is usually the best time to order because prices tend to be lower and there is no risk of poor weather affecting the delivery. Ordering in larger quantities with neighbours is also a great way to lower the price of your fuel with multiple drops in the same area.


Other Tips: 

Never run out of fuel - this is costly and requires the help of an engineer to get your boiler to start again. One way of ensuring this never happens is to subscribe to our Smart Alert system which allows us to remotely monitor your heating oil and schedule a priority delivery to top up your tank - allowing you to forget all about your oil. By doing this you can also pay for your fuel throughout the year via Direct Debit - couldn’t be easier. 



Want to place your order over the phone or need more advice?

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