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Should you buy heating oil in the summer

Should you buy heating oil in the summer?

Should you buy heating oil in the summer

Summer Heating Oil

Many people believe that heating oil will automatically become cheaper during the summer months due a drop in demand. Whilst this may have some impact on your home heating oil cost, it is not guaranteed to bring lower prices. Oil prices are determined by a number of global political and economic factors and are set by the regulating group OPEC - Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.  

With the oil market prices continually fluctuating, the best way to find cheaper oil is to play the market and buy oil when prices are low. The BBC has a useful chart which updates every fifteen minutes, helping you see spikes and dips in the prices. 

Buying heating oil during the summer season lets you prepare and plan in advance so you can take advantage of lower oil prices when they arise. Always make sure you are aware of how much oil is in your tank either through checking the levels regularly or by using a tank monitor like the AID Smart Alert

Being prepared and ordering oil well in advance of when you need it is the key to getting better deals for your heating oil prices. The summer is the perfect time to asses the market and order your top up when prices are lower. If you place an order during a quieter season it will also be much easier to arrange delivery and opting into a scheme such as a Buying Club could help you make even bigger savings in delivery costs. 

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