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Heating Oil Additives

When you need to use heating additives for in your heating oil tank.

Heating Oil Additives

Oil Additives

Heating oil additives are chemicals added to domestic heating fuels that are used to improve the efficiency of the fuel. During the process of refining crude oil, fuel accumulates different impurities which has an effect on its burning efficiency and consistency. Adding additives to fuel helps to remove these impurities to create a cleaner, better-burning fuel. 


Which additive? 

There are various additives available all of which perform different functions;


When to use fuel additives

If you notice that the fuel in your tank is freezing or turning into a gel-like substance then this indicates that there are impurities or water mixed in with the oil that need to be removed. You may also notice that sludge is building up in the bottom of your tank that needs to be cleansed. 

Another indicator suggesting that you need to use fuel additives could be that your fuel lines or injectors appear to be clogged or are not working properly.  Likewise, if you notice that your fuel consumption rates are suddenly higher than usual then it would be a good idea to introduce additives into your fuel mixture. 

Some fuels are available with additives already included for peace of mind, such as AID’s kerosene plus - A premium heating oil designed to improve the efficiency of heating oil boilers and oil fired range cookers. Kerosene plus has been developed to help protect and maintain heating systems to reduce boiler maintenance costs and make your heating oil go further. 


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